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Historical Maps Web Site –

Posted by jeffhobbs on June 22, 2007

Was listening to a podcast a few weeks weeks ago and they mentioned a web site: He has a whole host of maps. Many of them very cool. I did a fast search for maps of Santa Clara County. Came across a few. If you install the Java Client, you can actually download the maps at a very high resolution. In fact, I downloaded one map at the highest resolution (7 or 8 mb in size) and then plotted it out on our HP5500 at 60 inches in width. It came out great! No pixelation whatsoever!

2 Responses to “Historical Maps Web Site –”

  1. It’s nice to see someone start a blog on cartography. It’s a lost art. I’ve found as great as GIS and online mapping has become, people eventually always want a nice hardcopy.

  2. Jeff Hobbs said


    Couldn’t agree more. Output is very often the end all be all.

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