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Tooltips Available in the GeoMedia Suite

Posted by jeffhobbs on June 22, 2007

With one of the recent hotfixes, Intergraph added the ability to add tooltips to legend entries. I hear it was functionality added for the Public Safety piece of Intergraph. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool.

1) Right click on the legend entry and go to the “Map Window Tooltip” Legend Entry

2) Choose the type of tooltip:

a) None

b) Name – Name of the feature class

c) Attributes – Select one attribute

d) Expression – Build your own expression using functional attributes

In used expression in my case. My expression looked like “”Route Number:” + ” ” + FORMATATTRIBUTE(Input.ROUTE_NUMBER)” which returned this:

Very neat.


4 Responses to “Tooltips Available in the GeoMedia Suite”

  1. har amrit singh said

    from which hot fix no , this tool tip feature comes

  2. Jeff Hobbs said

    Not totally sure anymore. It’s been a while. You’d need to review what’s added to the different hotfixes. Sorry…

  3. Clint said

    I want to know how to turn on the tool tips inside the webmap interface. I have the tool tips working inside my workspace, but no dice in the webmap interface??

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