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New "Animation" Style

Posted by jeffhobbs on July 5, 2007

In addition to the tooltip functionality that was added to GeoMedia as part of a recent hotfix, Intergraph has also added the ability to animate graphic styles. So, yes, this means that you can finally have the city points in the US Sample geoworkspace flash from red to green to blue!

To try the new style option for yourself

1) Bring up the Legend Entry Properties dialog by double-clicking on a legend entry

2) Push the Properties button

3) This should bring up the Style Properties dialog

4) On the far right hand side of the style toolbar is a new button named Animate Style (highlighted in yellow in the screen shot below). Push the button.

5) This will bring up the Animate Style dialog box

Here is where you can create different rules to animate your style via an expression (functional attribute), simply at a certain time, or when the graphic is displayed.

6) Now to get into the rules of the animation (frames, colors, etc.) click on the Advanced tab which should bring up the following dialog:

7) Here you can control the different attributes of the style like color, size, etc. So when you click on the animation (far right hand column above) it will let you create frames and each frame can have properties, etc.

Look here to see my animation

In the end, you can get fairly advanced with different elements changing differently depending on different rules. Very powerful.

Now, the dying question…where’s the value? I can see it being quite useful when trying to highlight different areas of interest during a query, etc. Or it might even be pretty cool when working with thematics. I would think this would eventaully be integrated into GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Publisher.

I encourage anybody to post their own ideas on different possible uses….

Until tomorrow


2 Responses to “New "Animation" Style”

  1. Kyle Dow said

    Very cool feature, we saw a quick demo of this at a recent Intergraph user conference, but I hadn’t actually tried it out. I’ve got a possible use for it – We’ve got a Civil Defence exercise coming up and with the temporal aspect and the ability to build in expressions it could be very useful in managing some of the incidences or resources.

  2. Road closures / detours
    Construction / Maintenance sites (where water pipes/valves are being worked on)

    The animation can be set based on a true/false of another attribute.
    (road open=true/false if true do nothing, if false then blink or whatever you want the animation to be.

    A manager or executive wants to see what’s going on, open map (could be web based) and there it is. All the detours, construction/maint. Etc.

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