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Edit Text Command in GeoMedia 6.0!?!?

Posted by jeffhobbs on July 9, 2007

Is it just me or did somebody sneak the Edit Text command in the Edit menu of GeoMedia 6.0 when I wasn’t looking???? I was so excited that it was part of GeoMedia 6.1. I had NO idea it was part of 6.0.

On the bright side, with 6.1, they’ve apparently really enhanced the functionality. You now have an Edit > Text submenu. In there you’ve go three commands:

  1. Select Text – This allows you to find a text string inside of a piece of text geometry. You can even get into the rich text characteristics like color, font, etc.
  2. Edit Text – Like the command in 6.0
  3. Redigitize Text – You can actually modify the text and have it follow a river, street, or other linear feature. The kerning is MUCH improved over 6.0…much improved indeed. It kinda reminds me of MapText’s Label-Edit software.

2 Responses to “Edit Text Command in GeoMedia 6.0!?!?”

  1. Trevor Burgan said

    Jeff- Can you post some other 6.1 highlights for those that didn’t make it to the conference?

  2. Jeff Hobbs said


    I will check into this and if there’s not a problem, I will do this – great idea. BTW – I didn’t make the conference either – I’ve been working off and on with the GM Pro 6.1 Beta.

    Stay tuned….

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