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General Update

Posted by jeffhobbs on July 23, 2007

Sorry – didn’t get a chance to update too often last week. Have been involved in a myriad of different projects over the last week. Will follow this post with a post on Queued Editing in GeoMedia 6.1

Will be covering a few more things this week including:

  • New features in Oracle 11g
  • Geocoding with GeoMedia
  • Creating an MGE feature using GeoMedia Fusion’s Schema Remodeler

Finally, last, but not least. For those that are San Francisco Bay Area-based, there’s a couple of upcoming events I wanted to remind you of:

1) Thursday, July 26 is the next BAAAM Educational Meeting titled GIS in Transportation. Please go to the BAAMA web site for more information. This should be a fantastic meeting!

2) Wednesday, August 8 is the next Northern California Intergraph Geospatial User’s Community (NCIGUC) meeting. Please go to the NCIGUC web site for more information. This too should be great!


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