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Queued Editing in GeoMedia Pro 6.1

Posted by jeffhobbs on July 23, 2007

For those that use GeoMedia Fusion, this will all be familiar. For those that have never used GeoMedia Fusion, it’s a fantastic tool designed in large part to clean and validate data. With Fusion, all of your validation issues are loaded into a queue. In the queue you’re able to go through the edits one at a time, and do many different things including:

  • Make changes to the geometry
  • Add comments to the anomaly
  • Clean up the anomaly and add comments
  • Ignore the anomaly

With GeoMedia Pro 6.1, Intergraph has introduced this functionality into the core product as opposed to it only being available in GeoMedia Fusion. This means that if you have GeoMedia Fusion on one machine, you can create a queue and save it into a warehouse. Then you can hand off this queue (warehouse) to other people and they can review the anomalies identified by GeoMedia Fusion without tying up a license of GeoMedia Fusion.

Furthermore, Intergraph has begun to use the queue for other things like the new search command. I will try and cover this command later this week, but in general, it gives you a way to search through a feature class looking for an attribute. It’s basically a query without having to write any SQL.

With time I can see Intergraph use the queue for more and more functionality. In fact, I could have sworn they were using it for both the Validate Geometry and Validate Connectivity commands. HOWEVER, after reviewing GeoMedia Pro 6.1 while writing this post, I didn’t see the queue used anywhere in the two commands.

4 Responses to “Queued Editing in GeoMedia Pro 6.1”

  1. PK said

    Is GeoMedia Fusion used for ‘data entry’ for utility asset management ?

    Is GeoMedia Fusion fully included in 6.1 Pro (not needing to be purchased seperately) ?

  2. Jeff Hobbs said

    No. Fusion is used for data cleanup (fixing overshoots, undershoots, etc), conflation, moving data from one source to another, and data checking. Overall, it’s a great tool for making sure data are setup the way YOU want them before importing/loading into your GIS.

    No, it’s not a part of GM Pro, but instead is a cost-based add-on.

  3. Kevin Holle said

    They must be on to you Jeff, the link up top that shows a little about Fusion software got blasted.

  4. Jeff Hobbs said


    That’s too funny. I guess it was getting too many hits…didn’t want people to know about the product 😦

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