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Bay Area Intergraph News

Posted by jeffhobbs on August 7, 2007

Eric Bayer, the regional local government sales manager for Intergraph in the Bay Area (and most of the United States) announced his resignation from Intergraph on Tuesday. From an email sent out to Bay Area customers:

Intergraph Customer

It is with great reluctance after over 20 years and many happy memories that I have submit my resignation, from Intergraph.  I accepted a challenging position with Autodesk to develop sales strategies for Business Partners and support them as a geospatial software sales manager in the central US.  The position starts here on the west coast but means I will move to Colorado mid next year. 

It is you the Intergraph customer that has made the company successful and will continue to make the company a success.  I want you to know it is the camaraderie and friendships that I have developed over the last 10 years on the west coast that I appreciate and will remember the most. 

The GIS future at Intergraph looks bright. The upcoming release of the 6.1 line of GeoMedia products shows the dedication to continued development and success.  Needless to say, it’s a great time to be an Intergraph customer.

Too all of you I want to express …..Thank you and best of luck with all your spatial endeavors. 

Thank you

Eric Bayer

Eric and I became close friends during my tenure with Intergraph and have remained close since. I want to wish both he and his family the best of luck at Autodesk. He will be a phenomenal addition to the Autodesk family and will be sorely missed by Intergraph customers.


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