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After GeoMedia 6.1

Posted by jeffhobbs on August 9, 2007

One of the presentations at yesterday’s NCIGUC meeting was by Steve Hoffman of Intergraph. He discussed some of the upcoming features in GeoMedia 6.1. I’ve covered quite a few of them here. I will attempt to cover more over the next few weeks.

Did want to point out that one of the "post-6.1" but before 6.2 enhancements will be tighter integrations with Google Earth, Google Maps, and Microsoft Virtual Earth.

On the Google Earth side, there will be a finalized Export to KML command. I say finalized because there’s a beta version of the command that’s been floating around in different circles for the last six+ months.

There will also be a KML Data Server…very cool if you ask me! 

Finally, Intergraph will also be doing a lot more with Microsoft Virtual Earth. In fact, looking at an AVI, it appears that you will be able to load Virtual Earth inside of the legend window inside of GeoMedia. Then, you can interact with Virtual Earth and your map window will move pan and zoom as you pan and zoom in Virtual Earth. Looks very cool.

I’ve placed an AVI of the Virtual Earth/GeoMedia demonstration on YouTube. It can be viewed here.


17 Responses to “After GeoMedia 6.1”

  1. Ahmed Atta said

    please how can i get geomedia web map professional 6.1 trial version.

  2. Jeff Hobbs said

    Ahmed – no ideas. Not even sure if it’s in beta yet. You would need to contact Roger Harwell with Intergraph. He’s the product manager for GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Professional.

    His email address is

  3. Sergey said

    it’s cool, but…
    How to load Virtual Earth inside of the legend window inside of GeoMedia?

  4. Rui Lima said

    How is the support of the SVG generated by Geomedia Webmap. Do we still are going to need the adobe svg viewer?
    And how about translucency and patterns support when output type is PNG?
    Do you know anything about this?

  5. Jeff Hobbs said

    I haven’t done much research on GMWM. I do know that the SVG Viewer will still be needed if you want to view SVG graphics. I’m really hoping they adopt Adobe’s Flash/Flex/Air technology one of these days. Don’t know if they’ve done anything with the development/support of PNG. Great question though.


  6. Bruce Soord said


    We’re also very interested in the png/translucency support as we’re keen to drop SVG – our public websites need SVG to look any good, but a lot of people can’t install the adobe viewer as they don’t have admin rights (especially if they work for another company) or they use Firefox which can’t render webmap svg at all.

    So, translucency is the real nugget we are waiting for….


  7. Jeff Hobbs said

    I do see your point of view. It would be a great question to ask Intergraph. Perhaps through a worksheet. With the eventual deprecation of the SVG Viewer from Adobe, I’m still really hoping Intergraph looks at something like Flex instead. It’s proprietary, but almost everybody got it on their machine already. Not to mention there’s support for Firefox, Safari, IE, etc.

  8. Rui Lima said

    Bruce, I received info that translucency is supported in WebMap 6.1. Haven’t test it yet.
    I have a copy here i’ll test it following days…

  9. Trevor said

    Actually, I heard that the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in is one of the leading contenders to replace the SVG client. If so, that would be great!…the Silverlight “deep zoom” technology is pretty impressive.

  10. Jeff Hobbs said

    I’m hearing the same thing as well. I was at the GITA conference last week. Have quite a few things to post. That was actually going to be one of my postings…thanks for ruining my thunder Trevor!

    But yes, I’m hearing that with the release of Silverlight 2.0, it’s very likely to be the de facto vector engine for GMWM. I’m guessing/expecting by 6.2 if not before as they need to beat the “retirement” of the SVG plugin. More to come.

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  12. Trevor said

    Sorry! 😉

  13. Audi said

    Hi Jeff,
    Is there a way to display the GeoMedia data in a Web Environment in a SharePoint Portal?

  14. Jeff Hobbs said


    I’m sure there would be a few ways. The most logical off of the top of my head would be a web service. You could either use something like GeoMedia WebMap Publisher to create a WMS web service that you could then load into SharePoint. Alternatively, depending on the data format i.e. Oracle Object Model, SQL Server, or Access, you might be able to use something like Geoserver to create the web service for you. Finally, if it’s Oracle, you might even have the Oracle database directly create the web service you’d need.

    Hope this helps.


  15. ADAM said

    Have they released this Virtual Earth app for 6.1 yet?
    Where might I be able to get my hands on it?

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