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New Text Placement Commands

Posted by jeffhobbs on August 13, 2007

With 6.1 Intergraph has redone some of the text placement functionality. They now provide the following orientations in the Insert Interactive Label command:

  • Place at angle
  • Rotate dynamically
  • Orient to geometry
  • Place along arc
  • Place along existing geometry

For those that are familiar with the command, the Place along existing geometry is new. With this orientation method, you’re able to get the text to nicely follow the respective linework. Take a look at these examples to see what I mean:

Additionally, as you move the text, it continues to follow the linework. Very neat. Reminds me of MapText’s Label-Edit product.

It should also be noted that the same functionality was rolled into the Insert Text command.


2 Responses to “New Text Placement Commands”

  1. Trevor said

    Jeff- When you edit the text in GeoMedia, (fix spelling, add word, etc.), does it retain its orientation to the feature as it was originally placed? Or does it separate the text out into individual features based on characters?

    When you print to PDF and you select the text for editing in Acrobat Professional, what happens?

  2. Jeff Hobbs said


    No, the orientation is lost. HOWEVER, there is a Redigitize Text command which will then allow you to re-orient the text in a better position. I think they do this because if you add a lot of letters/words to the text, it may not be able to reorient itself automatically.

    To answer the question though – no, the text is still an individual piece of geometry like you’d see in 6.0 with the state names feature class in US Sample.

    When you print to pdf, the text does maintain the kerning. However, the text is broken down into individual letters (like you’d see with MapText). So, instead of the entire word being editable, now only individual letters are editable. Additionally, the words can’t be found when doing a Find or Search inside of Adobe Reader…very unfortunate.

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