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Potential Problems with Latest GeoMedia WebMap Hotfixes

Posted by jeffhobbs on August 17, 2007

There was a posting on the Directions Magazine email list pertaining to the latest GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Publisher hotfixes ( From the email:

Just to let everyone know, the current WebMap & Publisher hot fix, has quite a few issues so I don’t suggest to download this until they fix it.

Issues that were supposedly fixed in previous hot fixes were not added to this one! Intergraph support is aware of the problem.

Thought I’d pass on the information here as well. Not the best way to end a Friday 😦 . In fact, I just installed the two hotfixes today before getting the email….

4 Responses to “Potential Problems with Latest GeoMedia WebMap Hotfixes”

  1. Rui Lima said

    Did you get problems? I’ve installed and had no problems. What were the problems you get?

  2. Jeff Hobbs said

    I have not been getting problems either. But I haven’t done too much testing. It looks like some of the problems have been posted on the Directions List email list (provided by Renee). It looks like they included:

    having issues seeing the push pins when doing a predefined query on an Oracle view (w/ unique ID field). They’re sometimes showing up w/ a strange error message next to them and sometimes not showing up at all. This may not be due to the hot fix – not sure yet, but the following TR’s were supposed to be fixed in the previous hot fix, but I still get them in
    Issue with Pre-defined query GUI is losing field information:

    TR# 74537

    Short Description:

    WebPub predefined Query tool is losing unique field information

    Version Found:

    Version Fixed:

    Problem Summary:
    The WebPub Query tool is losing information in the case of tables with unique fields such as VARCHAR and AUTONUMBER (as reported from the regions).

    In the case of a, the problem has been duplicated in support. If a Query is defined using a VARCHAR unique field, the Query appears to save successfully, but when reopened, the Query information is no longer correct (in the test case, the feature class, geometry field, and unique field were all incorrect).


    This TR is supposed to be fixed on hotfix so if you are seeing this on the latest hotfix then we should report this to our Product Center.

    Issue with previous Pre-defined query being overwritten:

    TR# 78056

    Short Description:
    WebPub Admin Query names changed / duplicated upon apply

    Version Found:

    Problem Summary:
    (WebPub Admin – Query interface)
    When there is a query in the list, and another query is entered, then apply and ok selected, the query name is changed to that of the newly added query.
    When several queries are in the list, one of them is changed to that of the new query.

    Note that only selecting ok (rather than apply and ok) works as expected.
    I’ve seen this one several times and the workaround (just click OK) seems to be working fine for users.

  3. Samuel said

    Have anyone of you tried to install geomedia profesional on Windows Vista?
    PLease let me know something how to do that…

  4. Jeff Hobbs said

    I haven’t tried it. However I haven’t heard it’s a problem and I’ve got to believe we would have heard about it by this time. Note: I’m referring to 6.0. I’m almost positive 6.1 was certified on Vista.

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