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Couple of EXTREMELY Useful (and free) Utilities

Posted by jeffhobbs on August 27, 2007

Last Friday I was trying to accomplish geocoding of about 1,000 addresses when I noticed that my “Geocode Addresses” command had disappeared from my Geocoding menu. So, I thought I would just reinstall the Geocoding expansion pack and that would solve my issue. Someone else thought something else. When I ran the repair command in the expansion pack, somehow my entire GeoMedia install became corrupted. So, I recently found a fantastic freeware installer named Revo Uninstaller. This is a uninstaller program that will uninstall your application and then has a bunch of options including doing a full registry scan after the uninstall. This is great for cleaning up your typical GeoMedia install where the uninstaller only removes the actual software but leaves the registry a mess.

So, I ran Revo against all of the GM extensions (WFS data server, WMS data server, Fusion, WebMap Publisher, etc.) All uninstalled without a hitch except for Fusion. So, I rebooted my machine and then went to reinstall GM Pro. GM Pro started and all appeared to be fixed with GeoMedia. Then I went to install GeoMedia Fusion. Well…since the software wasn’t fully uninstalled, I was getting and error and I was not able to actually reinstall Fusion. Definitely not good news – especially since I use the product what seems like daily as of late. Anyhow, after doing some research, I found a free utility named “Windows Install Cleanup“. Now this utility scans your Windows installer and identifies all products that have been installed through the Windows Installer. Anyhow, the software allows you to select an entry and remove it from the Windows Installer. As soon as I removed the GeoMedia Fusion entry, I was able to run the GeoMedia Fusion installer and reinstall Fusion.

All in all, these two utilities are fantastic! Can’t recommend them enough. Especially if you run into a similar problem. However Revo can really be used to uninstall any type of software. It also got many more functions as well.


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