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Productivity in GeoMedia 6.1

Posted by jeffhobbs on August 29, 2007

At this point, I’ve covered what I think are the majority of the "core" feature upgrades. One final thing I did want to cover on the issue was general productivity. Although I don’t have any numbers to quote, here are a few of the productivity enhancements that have been highlighted:

  1. Updated Oracle data server – With this new data server, graphics are supposed to draw much faster
  2. Updated spatial filter command – Filtering performance has gone up dramatically
  3. A new selection tool – Where before you could only select in a square/rectangular fashion, you now have a polygonal select option as well

  4. Geocoding tools – They’ve rolled the geocoding engine into the core product (no longer an expansion pack)
  5. New Construction Aid – You can now place a deflection angle construction aid

    Additionally, the move command now supports construction aids as well
  6. Picklists – Picklists can now be used in the data window
  7. Categories – Categories have been implemented throughout the application. As opposed to 6.0 where Categories where in most of the product but were still missing from certain area
  8. Keyboard navigation with the QuickPick command
  9. The define symbol utility can now be used in batch

I haven’t had a chance to use the beta in quite sometime. However I believe I’ve covered the majority of the key points on 6.1 that I’ve read about or personally experienced. We’ll be organizing a GeoMedia Pro 6.1 product launch through NCIGUC once 6.1 is released to manufacturing (hopefully sometime soon). Once we have the launch, I’ll be able to provide additional information.


9 Responses to “Productivity in GeoMedia 6.1”

  1. Oliver said

    We observed a much decreased performance in loading oracle Feature classes with up to more then 500% time.
    Are there any more experiences in this point?

  2. Jeff Hobbs said

    Oliver – I had heard (but not tested) the exact opposite. It is supposed to be MUCH faster. Have you filed this with Intergraph at all?

  3. Oliver said

    Hi Jeff. not yet – I will do that after some more tests today. I’ll keep you up with information on that point.

  4. Oliver said

    Jeff, I confirmed this bad times today in a second test series. The bad times refers both to steps with graphically display and to steps with exlusively showing or analyzing attributive data (like range thematic analyze of the thematic legend entry).

  5. Oliver said

    (cont.) I posted this issue today to Intergraph Switzerland and will keep you up with information if there are news or hints.

  6. Jeff Hobbs said

    I wrote to a couple of folks in Huntsville, AL, USA to see if they have any ideas/feedback on the issue. Will post any update that I receive.

  7. Oliver said

    I suppose (and hope) that this is just a beta issue. I post any hints I will get.

  8. Jeff Hobbs said

    I heard back from Huntsville, they are saying its only faster. Is this through a custom command or just Legend > Add Feature Class?

  9. Jeff Hobbs said

    A follow-up from Huntsville, AL:

    “The actual report from the blog says the performance hit is on graphical displays and thematics. My performance numbers show a 40% improvement in data retrieval which is what we expected with the new OCI. Thematics and general display is client side.” So the degradation in performance may be display, rather than Oracle. We have in the process of performance reviews this week, so I’ll look at this further from that point of view.

    We’ll see what comes out of the Q&A.


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