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Oracle Permission Issues

Posted by jeffhobbs on September 5, 2007

Started drawing lines today into an Oracle database and found something quite odd. The feature I’m tracing (lot lines) has read-only permission inside of the Oracle database. I’m trying to add new water mains to my database. In the water main feature class I have read/write permissions. When I go to place the main, if I snap directly on the lot line, I’m getting a permission error. It looks like GeoMedia thinks I’m trying to insert into lot lines as opposed to water mains. I’m getting the permission error as soon as I place my digitizing cursor on the lot line.

Has anybody else experienced this before?

3 Responses to “Oracle Permission Issues”

  1. Jeff Hobbs said

    After looking at it in greater detail, it appears that it’s an issue only when I have “maintain coincidence” on. I guess this makes sense when thinking about it further. With maintain coincidence on, it’s trying to place vertices in all of the layers I’m tracing. Since it can’t edit the lot lines, it’s throwing an Oracle error. Very interesting.

  2. Stephen Reid said

    Happens to me all the time. We have a filed service request about this. A work around is to create two connections, one read-write for the feature you are modifying and one read-only for the feature you are tracing. Geomedia will then stop trying to modify the underlying feature.

  3. Jeff Hobbs said


    Great idea. Very good workaround.


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