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Looking for Suggestions

Posted by jeffhobbs on September 6, 2007

I’ve been working on next year’s budget a lot lately. As a result, I haven’t had a lot of time to work with GIS. As my budget tasks wind down, I’m looking for some new things to cover here on Since I haven’t been doing a lot with GeoMedia in the last few weeks – at least not things that I haven’t already covered; I thought I ask you all what you think you’d like me to cover. So, if you can post some comments, I’ll see what I can cover over the next few weeks.

In part, I’m looking to get more into Oracle 11g and its new spatial components. So, for lack of other suggestions, I might head in that direction.

On a side note, recently purchased a book Yahoo Maps Mashups from as we’ve been looking at possibly jumping on the band wagon and seeing if a mashup might serve our sister company in Texas well. Anyway, I have an intern that’s been doing the majority of the leg work. She’s been working with the Yahoo Maps API in conjunction with GeoServer. Although I’m definitely not sure if anything will come out of the testing, the book is really very good for introducing you to Yahoo Maps development.

Will be off on Friday, but will checking the blog…looking for suggestions.

Until Monday….

2 Responses to “Looking for Suggestions”

  1. Hi,
    happy to see someone fiddling with GeoServer and Yahoo maps. We published the GeoRSS integration demo in 1.5, but so far we haven’t got much feedback on the subject.
    If you feel like writing something about your tests (an article, or a tutorial), contact us back, we would be eager to expand the docs in that direction (so far most of the user interst is towards Google Maps and Google Earth integration)

  2. Trevor said

    I’d like to see examples of tough analysis problems you were able to solve using Aggregation and/or Functional attributes.

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