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Introducing GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise

Posted by jeffhobbs on September 10, 2007

Thanks to the few of you that provided suggestions. I will look to start incorporating some of the ideas into future blog entries. I did want to start a multi-part series on Intergraph’s new soon to be released (I’ve heard) expansion pack "GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise". For those that have used GeoMedia WebMap Professional for a number of years, this expansion pack should NOT be confused with the old name for GeoMedia WebMap Professional (which was GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise). This is a whole new (and free) product for those customers that own GeoMedia WebMap Professional.

Before I begin, it should be noted that I’m not sure if this product will keep its current name or if they will change it to something else. Once I hear more, I’ll post it on the blog.

Anyhow…GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise (GWME) is an extension to GeoMedia WebMap Publisher. However GWME has a prerequisite of GeoMedia WebMap Professional. GWME extends GeoMedia WebMap with the following functionality:

  • Role based user administration and access control
  • Web based data creation and maintenance
  • Interactive display control through a hierarchical legend (persisted between sessions)
  • Client and server Geocaching for improved performance
  • Navigation and display of complex relational data models
  • Integration with external applications.

Access Control

All functionality and data access is controlled by user login

Although a login can be very useful – especially when looking at some of the other features of GWME, it shouldn’t always be required (as it is with GWME). Additionally, I’m hoping that Intergraph will build an integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory as this seems like an obvious choice to centralize user permissions. The last thing I need for my users is to require them to remember another password.

User and Role Based Security

  • Create users and assign roles to the users (like you’d do in Microsoft Active Directory or Oracle
  • Feature level permission which allow you to control what users can edit geometry, what users can edit attributes, and what users simply have read-only privileges.

I’m extremely excited about providing the ability to edit geometry and attributes through GeoMedia WebMap on an internet/intranet site. In the past this has all needed to be customized. As a result, I can completely see the need for this type of security. However, my previous to comments still apply (not always needing to login and integration with Active Directory).

More tomorrow…


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  1. Slashgeo said

    Introducing GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise

    Jeff Hobbs’ blog is running a series of entries on Intergraph’s GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise, here’s part 2, part 3 and part 4. From the introduction: “GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise (GWME) is an extension to GeoMedia WebMap Publisher. However GWME has a…

  2. Ram Kumar Singh said

    i want to subscribe for your blogs site for geomedia software

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