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GeoMedia WebMap Enterprise – Part 2

Posted by jeffhobbs on September 11, 2007

Continuing from yesterday:

Data Creation and Maintenance

  • Create, Edit, Delete features from any writeable warehouse
  • Intelligent Snapping (snap to line or vertex)
  • Attribute maintenance that’s configurable at the individual attribute level

This is very cool. You can do attribute maintenance right now using GeoMedia WebMap Publisher. However you would need to write your own logic in a web page using something like .NET, ColdFusion, or PHP and then call the page using an on-click event inside of WebMap Publisher. Obviously, this is much more straightforward.

As far as the data capture and editing, you might be able to do something fairly easy with points, but lines and polygons I would imagine would be more challenging. Although you (obviously) aren’t going to get the level of tools and functionality you’d see in GeoMedia Professional, just being able to place simply geometries in an Oracle database to me is very exciting. In other words, I wouldn’t recommend maintaining your GPS-quality facility data using GWME, however I do think it’s quite possible to maintain a layer where snapping and topology are not key…I’m thinking something like CIP project locations would work well in this environment.

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