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Oracle Locator vs Oracle Spatial…Do you Know the Differences?

Posted by jeffhobbs on September 24, 2007

One of my favorite blogs is written by Simon Greener at He doesn’t post too often, but when he does, I really enjoy his content. I’d highly recommend you subscribe – especially if you use Oracle Locator and/or Oracle Spatial. His latest post is titled "Oracle Locator vs Oracle Spatial: A Reflection on Oracle Licensing of the SDO_GEOM Package" and discusses the differences between the free with any version of the Oracle database, Oracle Locator and the paid addition to Oracle Enterprise Edition only, Oracle Spatial.

He goes over licensing, what’s covered in both products, and even some great workarounds if you only have Oracle Locator but need Oracle Spatial functionality. He’s even got a number of code examples to help you implement these Oracle Spatial types of functions with ONLY Oracle Locator.

Finally, much like the free Oracle Object Model scripts and packages available on the Intergraph web site, Simon has his own free packages and code available for download on his site. I haven’t had a need for any of them yet, but definitely nice to know they’re available.

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