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Answer to a Question

Posted by jeffhobbs on November 6, 2007

A reader by the name of
Panos Elias contacted me recently asking a question about Oracle 11g support with GeoMedia. I replied to the email but the email bounced. So, I thought I’d post the reply here. The basic question was "do GeoMedia 6.0 and/or 6.0 read Oracle 11g data"? So, I talked to a contact of mine at Intergraph, and received the following answer:

11g released too late to be certified but I have been testing with the 6.1 beta for a few months. Oracle broke the ANYINTERACT spatial operator in the released version of 11g but they did fix some spatial filter problems.

So, although 6.1 will NOT be certified against 11g, it has, and will continue to be tested against 11g. I would have to guess that an upcoming 6.1 hotfix will actually be certified against 11g.

For those that are unaware, one of the biggest additions to 11g was the native support for text in the Oracle database. What does this mean? Basically, if you store your text as an Oracle text object (not sure of the proper terminology), you should be able to see that text in ANY client that will read the standard Oracle text object. GREAT for those multi-GIS/CADD client agencies that need to look at GIS data in multiple applications like Bentley Microstation and Intergraph GeoMedia.

Unfortunately, 6.1 is not taking advantage of this new functionality. However, I’m hoping that we’ll see the support for Oracle native text before the release of 6.2.

On a side note, Intergraph did recently release an expansion pack to support Oracle’s GeoRaster datatype. For those that aren’t aware, with the release of Oracle 10g, you can now store imagery (think orthophotos) in the database. Very cool if you have the storage space and Oracle Spatial. The expansion pack can be downloaded from the Intergraph web site (requires a login).

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