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Correction to a Previous Post — Good News

Posted by jeffhobbs on November 9, 2007

I wrote in a post a few months ago about Oracle XE and the fact that it doesn’t come with Oracle Workspace Manager. I was talking to Intergraph a few days ago and was corrected on that issue. Apparently, although Workspace Manager does NOT come pre-installed with Oracle XE, you can use Oracle Workspace Manager with XE. You just need to install it manually. For example, you can download the Oracle Workspace Manager kit off of the Oracle Metalink web site, connect to XE as SYS/ AS SYSDA, and run the OWMINST.plb script. This will install OWM in the Oracle XE database and you’ll be able to use GeoMedia Transaction Manager with Oracle XE. Very cool.

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  1. Osman said


    I have not access to oracle metalink so is it possible anyone send me Oracle Workspace Manager kit for testing purposes.

    my mail is

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