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Inserting an Object into the Layout Window

Posted by jeffhobbs on November 13, 2007

I’ve run into this problem many, many times. In fact, I’ve filed a worksheet in the past and gotten mixed results as to the answer. Basically, I want to use the Insert > Object command in the Layout Window to insert my oh so fancy logo into my map. In the past I’ve been told that it’s an OLE association issue (or something that sounds like that) on my computer. However, to be honest, I’ve NEVER gotten it to work..and I’ve replaced my computer MANY times since that answer. So, how have I gotten around the issue for the last five years?

1) Launch Internet Explorer

2) File > Open and navigate to your logo (in my case a .gif). However it should work just fine for any "common" file format. Note, you can also drag the logo on top of a Internet Explorer window if you’d prefer.

3) Right-click on the image and select "Copy"

4) Open the Layout Window in GeoMedia

5) Select Edit > Paste

Voila! – your logo appears in the layout window. You then just need to shrink, move, etc. I’ve also noticed that by default, the pasted image has a box or neat line around it. This only makes sense as I’m sure most folks want an ugly box around their logo. Anyhow, just right click on the logo and select "Properties". Then go to the General tab and uncheck the "Display boundary" box.

After that, you’re all set.

On a side note, if you’re going to be using the same template time and time again, you might be better off saving your layout window sheet off to a GeoMedia Layout Template. This can be easily done by using the Sheets > Export Layout command. Just choose the GeoMedia Layout Template (*.glt) format before you export the sheet.

That way you can use the Sheets > Import Layout command to re-use the template whenever you’d like.

One more quick note. If you’re going to be using a template, Intergraph delivers quite a few nice scale bars that can be imported into a layout sheet and will be exported as part of a .glt. They are NOT dynamic so they assume you know your scale ahead of time (and are plotting the scale shown on the scale bar). They can be found in "C:\Program Files\GeoMedia Professional\Symbols\Layout\Scale Bars" folder. You will also see the north arrows in the folder next to the scale bars folder. All of the .sym files can be placed in the layout window using the "Set Active Symbol" command in the Draw toolbar.

Then use the "Symbol" tool in the same Draw toolbar to place the active symbol (the .sym file you just selected using the "Set Active Symbol" command.

11 Responses to “Inserting an Object into the Layout Window”

  1. Chris Matus said

    You know, I’ve had the same problem over the years. I was told or read somewhere that the only way to insert an image is that it has to be associated with the program that created or saved it. At my new job I have the Adobe Creative Suite and other graphic programs, but the insert object feature still doesn’t work. At my previous job, I used Paint Shop Pro 6 and never had a problem inserting objects. Now this is a program that I had purchased, so I thought I would try it at my new job. Once installed, I can now insert objects. Weird that this particular program solved the problem.

  2. Bill said

    Me three..

    I have implemented the registry fix they gave me and was successful, but it is a big pain in the butt, so mostly I use your method. I wonder if its been fixed in 6.1, which Im still patiently waiting for…

  3. Jeff Hobbs said


    What’s the registry fix?



  4. Pat said

    The Insert Object command in GeoMedia is no different than the Insert Object command in Microsoft Word. Just like Microsoft word, GeoMedia relies on the serving application to support Object Linking Embedding (OLE). Which program application that performs the serving can vary from machine to machine or even user to user based on the users “Open With” association. .bmp files (Paintbrush) and the first page of a .doc (Microsoft Word) can usually be served via Insert Object but there are many files that do not have an OLE serving application by default.

    As an example: Try the following Test
    1. Open a Microsoft Word document and select Insert > Object.
    2. Select a .jpg image file and insert it.
    Question: Does it appear? Probably not as IE is not OLE serving.

    This of course does not negate that it would be nice to quickly insert or drag and drop pictures of any type into the layout. So don’t hesitate to contact your local Intergraph Support office and log an official enhancement request.

  5. Jeff Hobbs said

    Pat – thanks for the response. It actually does work with MS Word and not with GeoMedia. Tried it on the exact same photograph (jpeg). In fact, I’ve been able to embed many different types of images just fine using MS Word and that don’t work with GeoMedia. I’ve gone around this issue with INGR support in the past. Have also filed a worksheet on the issue. The workaround is easy…but it would be nice if it were “fixed”.

  6. Pat said

    Hi Jeff,

    That’s interesting as I’ve never seen the Insert Object behavior of GeoMedia differ from that of Msoft Word. I’ve not had any luck with Insert > Object in MSWord with .jpeg/.jpg image formats even if I associate the file type with MSPaint via the Open With dialog. Of course Word’s Insert > Picture works fine which is what is needed in GeoMedia.

    A friend in the GeoMedia Support group suggested that editing the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.jpg and HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.jpeg keys to set the (default) to Paint.Picture might allow MSPaint to serve for the Insert > Object. After editing on my machine, indeed the Insert Object command now works in both Word and GeoMedia Layout.


  7. Bill said

    What Pat posted looks familiar. Im still looking for the support email from Intergraph that provided the fix for me originally. I worked for a different company back then, so I have to dig through archived emails.


  8. Jeff Hobbs said


    Under which key – OpenWithProgids? or under the .jpeg root?

  9. Pat said

    I edited HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.jpg folder which has 3 properties. The names follow:
    Content Type
    I set (Default) name to Paint.Picture.
    I did not modify any of the sub keys below .jpg and .jpeg folders

    Jeff, are you sure you’re not using Insert > Picture for your word doc inserts? If Insert > Object is working in word but not GeoMedia, then my answer is that MicroSoft must be cheating! 😉


  10. Jeff Hobbs said

    Pat – I’ll try that thanks! No, I’m using Insert > Object. However I’ve noticed different results depending on the tab in Insert > Object. If I use the “Create New” tab and then select “jpeg file”, than it works correctly. If I use the “Create from File” tab, then I get an icon of my default jpeg handler (IrfanView in my case).

    It should be noted that since the image is not square but instead landscape, I get a black box to “square off” the image extents. I guess MS Word is doing this…not sure why.

    If it matters, I’m using Word 2003.

  11. grace said

    i can’t understand it

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