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GeoMedia Professional 6.1 – To Be Released Soon

Posted by jeffhobbs on January 7, 2008

I’ve gotten a couple of inquiries into the release date for GeoMedia Pro 6.1. I don’t have an exact release date, but I’ve bee told that it should be sometime within the next month. I hope to get a more firm data soon and will post it here.

On a side note, I hope to get the Northern California Intergraph Geospatial User’s Community (NCIGUC) to host a 6.1 product launch. I’m thinking this would happen in early to mid March. I’ll post more on the product launch as January moves forward.

7 Responses to “GeoMedia Professional 6.1 – To Be Released Soon”

  1. ahmedfouad said

    i need GeoMedia Professional 6.1 pls

  2. Jeff Hobbs said

    You need to file a support request with Intergraph and request the upgrade. Please note, my blog is NOT affiliated in any way with Intergraph. Posting a request here will do you absolutely no good.

  3. duong said

    cant you please give me soft any more, do you give here?

  4. Jeff Hobbs said

    No, I don’t provide software. Again, I have no affiliation with Intergraph.

  5. muk said

    How many Access Connections could be added in geomedia geoworkspace? & what is size limit of geomedia data base?

    • jeffhobbs said

      Just sent you an email as well on the topic. From the email:

      I believe the limit on Access is 2gb. However that’s a theoretical limit. You probably don’t want to get that close…probably not over 1gb in an Access database.

      As far as I know GeoMedia imposes no additional restrictions on the size of the Access database nor on the number of connections.

      Are you having issues with this at all?

      • mukesh said

        I wants to create some slope polygons as my Area of responsibility (approx 600*600 km total area ) with using of software geomedia 6.1 & geomedia terrain 6.1 .input data I am using 30 meters elevation data in .dt2 format when I am doing this I am facing the following problem :-
        needed to open the slpoe polygons of approx. 86- 50K Scale maps.
        The slope polygon created was not able to open in the geoworkspace, shows the error Geomedia.exe encountered the problem.
        Solution tried by me:
        a. Connected the feature class one by one in the legend entry, Eight 50K maps were connected to the geoworkspace, but after adding the legends of ninth map the Geomedia aborted.
        There were more than 15 lacks feature in the mdb of 16 maps, the feature class created were of slopes with categories 0 to 20, 20 to 25, 25 to 30, 30 to 35, 35 to 40, 40 to 45, 45 to 50 and 50 to 90 degrees
        b. Than I converted the mdb of slope polygons to the .ddc format and connected it to the geoworkspace, than also same problem occurred .
        Note :- After slope polygons my mdb size is 1.9 gb to 2 gb

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