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GeoMedia Professional 6.1 Product Launch

Posted by jeffhobbs on February 6, 2008

The Northern California Intergraph Geospatial User’s Community (NCIGUC) will have its next meeting on March 25, 2008 from 10:00 – 3:00 at the City of Milpitas Community Center. This meeting will actually be the GeoMedia Pro 6.1 product launch.

Take a look at the meeting flyer, register for the meeting, and obtain more information at

3 Responses to “GeoMedia Professional 6.1 Product Launch”

  1. Jim said

    I just got word that my 6.1 disks had shipped today. Woo Hoo! I’m gonna have to review your 6.1 blogs.

  2. Edward said

    Do you know how much $$$$??? What is the cost of a single license?

  3. Jeff Hobbs said


    I don’t have an exact cost as of today. In a previous quote I received (from a couple of years ago, a new license of GeoMedia Pro runs about $7,495.00. You also need to add maintenance of I believe 20% a year. That’s for a concurrent license. I do believe costs have gone up in the last few years, so that price could be a little low. Please note, do not take the cost as a direct quote. Only sales people can (and should) offer price quotes. Even when I was working with Intergraph, I had no direct access to pricing.

    Although I haven’t priced ArcGIS ever… I understand this price to be in line (maybe a little lower) than ArcEditor.

    Hope this helps.

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