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GeoMedia Desktop Suite Released to Manufacturing

Posted by jeffhobbs on February 21, 2008

Was talking to a couple of people today at Intergraph. Found out that the entire GeoMedia 6.1 Desktop suite was released towards the end of January. Apparently the release date coincided in part with the reorganization of product and solution marketing. As a result, there hasn’t been much hype about the release up to this point. I’ve been told that a formal roll-out will occur. Knowing Intergraph, I’m assuming this will happen right around the Intergraph 2008 conference.

Just a reminder, Intergraph is no longer shipping product updates by default. So, to get your copy of 6.1, make sure to file a support request.

Also, another FYI – apparently Intergraph has moved towards releasing the entire product suite together. In the past, you would typically see the release of GeoMedia Pro, then have a short wait, then see the release of GeoMedia, then have a short wait, then see the release of GeoMedia Viewer, then have a short wait, etc. Well, Intergraph is now releasing the entire desktop suite altogether. So, GeoMedia, GeoMedia Pro, GeoMedia Viewer (now with both an Oracle and SQL Server Read-Only data server), GeoMedia Objects, and the stand alone Oracle Read-Write data server have all be released. I must say, this is very cool. Although it’s not happening with 6.1, I’m hoping with time, we’ll also see them release some of the common industry products like GeoMedia Transaction Manager and GeoMedia Public Works Manager with the rest of the GeoMedia product suite.

Finally, I also inquired as to the release date for the GeoMedia Web core – I’ve been told that it’s tentatively scheduled for the entire of March.

One last note. Like all other version of GeoMedia, Intergraph doesn’t support the mixing and matching of version. So, for you GeoMedia WebMap Publisher users, make sure to stay on 6.0 until you receive the entire line of 6.1 products. In other words, you do not want to be running a 6.0 WebPub client on GeoMedia 6.1.


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