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GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Professional have Been Released

Posted by jeffhobbs on April 16, 2008

Received this in an email today:

GeoMedia WebMap and GeoMedia WebMap Professional provide Intergraph’s geospatial technology (enterprise data access, analysis, and map generation) as server-side and thin-client solutions.  Version 6.1 is a significant enhancement and fixes release extending the GeoMedia product family.  Major enhancements include:

  • Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth “mashup” – easily create a web site that integrates customer enterprise data with Google Maps or Microsoft Virtual Earth data, user interface, and performance
  • services-oriented architecture enhancements – additional web services and a number of enhancements to existing web services
  • significant map display enhancements – higher fidelity rendering of maps displayed over the web using GeoMedia’s new display pathway including such features as translucency, attribute-based symbology, thematics, and area hatching.

Assuming you have a software maintenance contract, you can order your upgrade by filing a support request at


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