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Bug with GeoMedia Viewer 6.1 Minor Release

Posted by jeffhobbs on April 22, 2008

Received an email today. Apparently the minor release for GeoMedia Viewer 6.1 ( has broken the SmartStore data server. Now I’m not sure if it impacts GeoMedia or GeoMedia Pro. However it’s been reported and replicated by Intergraph. Guessing there will be a new minor release to fix this issue soon.

2 Responses to “Bug with GeoMedia Viewer 6.1 Minor Release”

  1. Kevin said

    So they’re back at it again, eh. I’d put money on GMPro and WebMap being busted too. Wager a bottle of hot sauce? Over the last few years they’ve been breaking Smartstore often with new fixes when using GMPro and GMWebMap products together, so “upgrader beware”. And we like their Smartstore, it’s nice, it’s fast, we wish they would treat that child better.

    Does it seem like tests aren’t done with anything more than the USSampleData before distribution to you?

  2. Jeff Hobbs said


    Although it often times seems that way, I know for a fact that they do quite a few tests with many different types of data. Often times, they’ve even asked for user’s data to include in future tests. When Intergraph was developing a geocoding expansion pack, they made more than a few requests to user’s data. I supplied them with many of my customer’s data. It was great because I was fairly certain it was going to work for my customers when they received it.

    I know they test on a couple of larger customer’s data around the SF Bay Area.

    To an extent, in my eyes, it’s a double-edged sword. On one end we want functionality faster, but on the other end we want it bug free. Intergraph (and any other software company) has to walk a fine line here as they only have a limited number of resources. Is that frustrating…of course. Is that reallity? Yes… 😦

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