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Few New GeoMedia 6.1 Movies on Youtube

Posted by jeffhobbs on May 8, 2008

I’ve pushed all of the AVIs that were shown at the GeoMedia 6.1 product launch on to I’ve been working on an internal wiki (not GeoMedia related) for work lately. So I haven’t been updating the blog much. However I still do want to get writing about what I found out at the 6.1 product launch. Additionally, I’m hoping to have more information after attending Intergraph 2008. So keep reading 🙂


9 Responses to “Few New GeoMedia 6.1 Movies on Youtube”

  1. crino said

    nice video with virtual earth embedded 😉

  2. Jim said

    Could someone explain this process of adding web mapping content to geomedia? I have watched the videos but I still don’t underestand the process enough to be able to reproduce it on my own. Thanks.


  3. Jeff Hobbs said


    Not sure I follow your question. You can add web mapping content right now via web services (WMS and WFS) data servers. Those were expansion packs as part of 6.0 but have now been rolled into 6.1.

    Is this what you’re asking?


  4. Sergey said

    how to use virtual earth in Geomedia Pro 6.1?
    It’s very interesting. Some times i need to see, at one time, constructions in GM and in Google Earth or virtual earth. Each time I converting data to anather format… It is not comfortably.

  5. Jim said

    Yep, That’s what I am asking/looking for a step by step procedure to add web content…or show our data over web based content. Sounds very cool but I have been unsuccessful so far. Thanks,


  6. Jeff Hobbs said


    The functionality is not there yet. I’m guessing it will be added in a minor release. Not totally sure how they’ll do it yet. It looks like you might just be able to add it as a reference layer…should be interesting. I’ll definitely cover it in greater detail one I find out more about it.


  7. Jeff Hobbs said


    The WMS and WFS data servers come as part of GM 6.1. Before 6.1 they were expansion packs that needed to be downloaded from the Intergraph web site site and installed manually. The connections are very simple. Just go to Warehouse > New Connection. Choose WMS for instance. They you just plug-in the URL of the WMS web service and hit OK. The data server then reads the web service (WMS in this case) and looks for all of the layers that are available as part of the service. Each layer is then seen as a feature class in the warehouse connection. You add them just like any other feature class. You can try this WMS as an example. Just copy the following (minus the quotes) “” into the URL section of the WMS data server. Once you hit OK, go to Add Legend Entries and expand the warehouse. You should see quite a few feature classes in the warehouse. All are orthoimagery.

    Hope this helps.


  8. Jim said

    Thanks Jeff!

    Worked perfectly!…


  9. Gonzalo said

    Hello, did anyone manage to add a layer from a WMS server from a custom application (coding)?. I managed to make the connection to the WMS server and then append a RasterLegendEntry to the Legend object of the MapView control… the code is executed without errors but the WMS layer is not visualized on the map.

    Thanks for your support, I cannot find any reference, code example or document to managing WMS layers in Geomedia Profressional.

    Here you are a piece of code we’re using:

    conn_wms.Type = “WMS.GDatabase”;
    conn_wms.Mode = 0;
    conn_wms.Description = “WMS”;
    conn_wms.Location = “”;
    PClient.OriginatingPipe OP;
    conn_wms.CreateOriginatingPipe(out OP);
    OP.Table = “Catastro”;
    PRaster.RasterLegendEntry rle = new PRaster.RasterLegendEntry();
    rle.Recordset = (GDO.GRecordset)OP.OutputRecordset;
    rle.GeometryFieldName = “geometry”;
    rle.Title = “WMS”;
    rle.Locatable = false;
    rle.Visible = true;
    if (rle.ValidateSource())
    map.Legend.LegendEntries.Append( rle, Type.Missing,
    map.Legend.LegendEntries.Count>0 ? Type.Missing : map.Legend.LegendEntries.Count);
    catch (Exception x)
    MessageBox.Show(x.Message, x.Source, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);

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