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A New Book I Just Received

Posted by jeffhobbs on May 8, 2008

I just received a book in the mail today from ESRI Press titled “Thinking About GIS – Geographic Information System Planning for Managers – Third Edition” by Roger Tomlinson. I like to keep an eye on what ESRI Press has since they have such a broad selection. Anyhow, began scanning the book and really think it has a lot to offer – especially for a technical GIS Manager (like many of the readers of my blog). Thought I’d pass along the link. Overall, it looks to be a fantastic resource for those people that are looking to start their first GIS program or migrate from one system to another (think MGE to GeoMedia).


One Response to “A New Book I Just Received”

  1. I, too, have purchased this book, it has been very helpful for planning our move from MGE to GeoMedia. (Were you talking to us, or are there more of us dinosaurs out there!?!?) 🙂

    Since Intergraph has become more specialized in other areas, we are also integrating components of ESRI geodatabases, and MapInfo, so it has been a helpful reference regarding that, too.

    Diane Vaughan
    California Geological Survey

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