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What’s the Number Two GIS Vendor

Posted by jeffhobbs on June 25, 2008

Directions Magazine is running a poll on their web site. From the web site: “Daratech recently offered that Bentley Systems is the #2 GIS company (ESRI is #1). Based on your usage of GIS technology at your organization, what GIS company is second to ESRI?” Since you are all (I assume) Intergraph users, take a minute and vote for your product of choice. The poll is located on the lower right hand corner of the home page.

FYI – I just voted and Intergraph was towards the bottom (after MapInfo).

Directions Magazine Poll

6 Responses to “What’s the Number Two GIS Vendor”

  1. Mike Sumner said

    Manifold is number 1, so I can’t vote. I’d probably say ESRI is number 2.

  2. Osman said

    You say manifold is number 1, however; all the government and military personel use esri products in my country. Not because it is good or anything, because all they educated in university with esri products all my frinds too … this is the point i think. I use both intergraph and esri in a way.

  3. Kevin Holle said

    It seems the poll is still open somewhere, because last night it was up to 330 votes, and this morning it’s up to 440. Anyone know where it is?

  4. Jeff Hobbs said

    @Kevin – that is really weird! I too see just the results. Perhaps if you clear your history and cache in Internet Explorer??

    It’s definitely open as MapInfo is creeping up.

  5. If we’re talking about user satisfaction, I agree with Mike! Manifold is both a technology leader and has a real world price tag. However, I assume the basis for this poll are sales, market share, units shipped, corporate profits or something of the kind that has little to do with product capabilities. With that caveat, I would think AutoDesk is the one to watch.

    I’m not able to post using Chrome. I’ll try another browser…

  6. Will said

    @ Mike Sunmer- Although manifold is used quite a bit, I seriously doubt that it is number one. As one other poster mentioned, ESRI has a corner on all government agencies and large corporations. I’ve even started to see a big shift in medium companies moving towards ESRI products. Open source software are now on the rise too among smaller companies. The ability to customize the programs into their workflow is a big advantage. Although, it does take technical expertise.

    Overall though, I’m surprised that Microstation is as high as it is. I would have assumed Autodesk would have been 2nd with Manifold being 3rd. I guess its a global pole though.

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