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Intergraph Schema Remodeler

Posted by jeffhobbs on July 1, 2008

With the last blog post on Safe Software’s FME suite, I would be remiss to not discuss Intergraph’s own Schema Remodeler utility. The Schema Remodeler utility comes as part of GeoMedia Fusion.

[RANT]On a complete side note…IF Intergraph would NOT hide their marketing information behind a login and password, then I’d have links to the products. The last I heard, David Holmes had said that he hoped to have at least the splash pages out from login/password shortly after the end of the conference. We’re going on almost a month now…anytime soon would certainly be nice. Actually, I found what I think is a hidden link to a bit of literature on the software.[/RANT]

Anyhow, GeoMedia Fusion is a great tool for doing data cleanup, attribute validation,  and conflation. The schema remodeler utility comes with GeoMedia Fusion and is a stand alone utility that provides you with the ability to migrate data from one source to another and to bulk export from the GeoMedia environment. For those that have heard of Intergraph’s Data Warehousing Tools, the schema remodeler utility is the re-branded (and enhanced) Data Warehousing Tools. Schema Remodeler is one of my favorite Intergraph tools and I almost always use it at least once a week.. As of late I’ve set it up to take my Trimble GPS text files and load them into my Oracle Locator database. In the schema remodeler utility, you can do a number of things including re-mapping and reordering columns from one source to another (think migrating a database from Access to Oracle or SQL Server); exporting a seamless Access feature class into a gridded Bentley Microstation V7 environment; and updating columns using functional attributes, creating a subset of the the data using temporal and attribute queries, and modifying the source geometry using an analytical merge so you can export the Oracle data to create a shapefile (all in one transaction).

When you look at the functionality of Schema Remodeler, it’s really pretty amazing at how much you can do with the utility. Now, how do I compare it to FME? It’s hard to say as I’ve used Schema Remodeler off and on for the last five years and I’ve only use FME a handful of times. In my eyes, they both attempt to do similar things. The biggest difference in my eyes has to do with the number of file formats supported (Schema Remodeler only supports the standard GM data server while FME supports at least 150 different GIS data types) and how detailed you need to get. Schema Remodeler is great for many things, however it’s only a utility. FME on the other hand is a complete software solution. Its so goal is “spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load”. It should also be mentioned that since you can’t buy Schema Remodeler by itself (it only comes with GeoMedia Fusion), FME is actually quite a bit cheaper than Schema Remodeler. So, if you’re looking exclusively for “spatial ETL” functionality, I personally would go with FME. However if you need to do some pretty advanced conflation, a lot of automated data cleanup, and attribute validation, you really should be looking at GeoMedia Fusion. If you do that, it’s really nice to know that Schema Remodeler comes as part of Fusion and may answer many of your ETL needs.


6 Responses to “Intergraph Schema Remodeler”

  1. Roland said

    Hi Jeff –

    Are you going to the GIS Conference by ESRI in San Diego August 2nd?

    They will probably be showcasing this new software there plus a lot of other cool GIS stuff.

    They expect a crowd of 12,000 – Do you know if anyone else is going?

    I found it listed here: Convention Center.

  2. Jeff Hobbs said

    No, I’m not going. Don’t really see the point. Don’t know if any other readers are going. Would have to assume at least a few are…

  3. Andrew H said

    Hi Jeff

    I am an Arc User as well as Geomedia. I am curious as to whether or not there is a process similar to one in Arc where you can batch process data. For instances, I want to do an Attribute Query on some data in Geomedia, but I have to repeat the process at least 30 times. What Ideally would like to do is batch process this.

    I know in ArcGIS Toolbox if you wanted to Batch process any one of the tools you could right click on the tool and select batch.



    • jeffhobbs said


      There has been many requests for a scripting language inside of GeoMedia. Up to now, nothing exists. The workaround has always been to write it in VB…unfortunately. If you’re using Oracle or SQL Server, you might think about running the queries inside of the database. You’d need to expose the queries as views…but MIGHT be easier.

  4. J. Michalek said

    Good afternoon
    I have a few problems with mz shema remodeler instalation:

    a) if i Set as target any file format, export didn’t work correctly, I have geomedia pro with hotfix

    if I set up as target ESRI shapefile an go to feature sets, target format became microstation 7, if i change output directory, i obtain alert “export folder directory doesn’t exist…”, if i try execute with microstation 7 and default folder, I obtain log, but not anz files in output folder.

    b) I can’t find any relevant info about work with schema remodeler from command prompt, onlz one page in help.


    • jeffhobbs said

      A) Did you try and create the destination folder? It may not create it automatically

      B) calling via command line is fairly simple. I don’t have the syntax, but the help should have the correct syntax. Just make sure to not use quotes in your path. The basic idea is to create a par file. In this file is the path to your dwt and log file. In the bat file, you call the par file. Email me if you’d like exact samples.

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