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Upcoming NCIGUC Meeting

Posted by jeffhobbs on October 10, 2008

All – Sorry about the long time between posts. Hope to start posting again soon. Anyhow, did want to mention the upcoming Northern California Intergraph Geospatial User’s Community (NCIGUC) meeting. It will be on October 22 from 10:00 – 3:00 at the City of Livermore, CA City Council Chambers. You can find out all the information by going to the NCIGUC web site.

Hope to see you all there!

5 Responses to “Upcoming NCIGUC Meeting”

  1. Kevin Holle said


    When you are at the meeting, could you ask if anyone is using GeoMedia Professional v6 with Hansen V8 (version 8), to create new assets, like fire hydrants and water mains? Here’s what we’re envisioning, but would like to hear from others who use Hansen V8 with GeoMedia Pro.

    Essentially, 1. draw a new fire hydrant feature in GeoMedia Pro v6, 2. we give the hydrant an ID in our MSAccess warehouse, 3. V.B. and web services creates the new hydrant in the Hansen V8 database (we have Oracle), 4. Hansen V8 assigns it’s unique Compkey, and then 5. Hansen V8 sends the Compkey back to our GeoMedia Professional v6 warehouse to sync up with the respective hydrant.

    Hansen V8 users, do you have something like this? (not interested in Hansen V7, sorry)



  2. Hansenv8 with Map Drawer, and GeoMedia WebMap Pro.

    City of Brampton is implementing this, and it seems to be coming along nicely.

    • Sean Smith said

      Sorry for jumping in so late here – Appreciate if there is any movement that you know of in this area that we can investigate further.
      Thanks in advance – Sean

  3. Luis said

    Hi Jeff, great blog!

    I want to start learning Geomedia Professional, but I would like to do it using a book… do you have any recommendations?


    ps: I haven’t found anything useful on the net, maybe you can help me!

  4. jeffhobbs said


    Thanks for the kind words. Wish I had more time to update it. Unfortunately there is very little out there in the way of books. Probably the best documentation right now is actually the documentation that comes with the product. There is an old GeoMedia book, I believe based on 2.0. But it’s really out of date for most things now.

    There is always the GeoMedia Wiki ( for workflows and different ideas, but not a complete document.

    There’s also a few different email lists – directions magazine is the one I most frequently use.

    But, as far as a direct book, nothing that I’m aware of.

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