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Welcome to the Blog: Adam Lodge

Posted by jeffhobbs on May 18, 2009

I’m pleased to announce that Adam Lodge of Farallon Geographics has asked to be an author on the blog. Needless to say, I accepted his offer!

I first met Adam when he was with San Mateo County, CA and I was working with the City of San Jose. While I was with Intergraph, Adam served as the president of the Northern California Intergraph Geospatial User’s Community. Adam has been working with GeoMedia for many years (maybe even longer than me) and has a ton of knowledge about both Intergraph products like GeoMedia, GeoMedia Parcel Manager, GeoMedia Grid, and GeoMedia/Hansen interface. Additionally, he has a lot of experience with open source products like Geoserver, OpenLayers, and PostGIS. Finally, he’s been working with Oracle Locator/Spatial for a number of years.

I’ll let Adam tell you more in his own words. But needless to say, I’m very happy to have someone else post on the blog. If anybody else is interested in contributing to the blog, please email me and we’ll add you as well!


2 Responses to “Welcome to the Blog: Adam Lodge”

  1. Kevin said

    Hi Adam,

    Question for you on the GeoMedia/Hansen interface mentioned above: what “interface” exactly is that, for example, versions and names?


  2. Adam Lodge said


    The “GHI” – as I like to call it – is a little piece of software that you run in geomedia as an extention. It enables your spatial records viewed through geomedia to interact with your asset inventory records within a Hansen Asset Managment System. The details of the many workflows it enables are kind of industry-specific, but in my mind, the key advantage is that you can automatically add records to your asset inventory in Hansen based on the contents of your asset inventory in GIS. The allows to you use your GIS for what it is best at – managing a list of stuff, and using the asset management system for what it is best at – recording information about business processes that occur against that stuff.

    As far as versions, my testing has shown that the GHI works in the latest geomedia software (v6.1.x) but only works in the legacy flavor of Hansen, i.e. version 7.x. Looking forward, Hansen (actually now “Infor Government Solutions”) is implementing its GIS integration using standards-based web services, so the need for specialized integration software will kind of erode. That said, I have not had the occasion to get my hands dirty with the new stuff so i cant speak much to it.

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