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Adam’s Self Introduction

Posted by adamlodge on May 19, 2009

Thanks to Jeff for letting me participate in the Geomedia community in this way.  I asked Jeff if I can do this for the simple reason that I feel pretty strongly that Geomedia technology is really the best desktop GIS currently on the market.  Geomedia’s primary drawback, however,  is that it is undersupported in my corner of the world (The San Francisco Bay Area), and it is therefore hard to justify as a viable solution for organizations that require rock-solid support.  My participation here is my attempt to be a part of the solution to this travesty.

In case you are interested, here are a few highlights on my career:
-graduated from Humboldt State University in Geography, 1997
-spent a few years attempting rockstardom as a bass player in various touring bands
-finally decided to get a real job at San Mateo County in late 2000, helping to implement their Enterprise GIS (remember that term?)
-held increasingly responsible positions there until late 2006 when I moved to Farallon Geographics (a geospatial consulting firm in San Francisco)
-My current official title is “Geospatial Systems Analyst”, but basically I do projects to help clients of all sorts (but mostly local government) solve business problems using spatial data and related software tools.  I’m a problem solver.

As far as GIS technology goes, Geomedia is my first love. Unlike most GIS Geeks, I learned with it, and feel most comfortable and at home when developing workflows with it rather than the “other” guys.  It was my knowledge of Geomedia that got me a gig with San Mateo County back in the day.  Becuase of the County’s commitment to Geomedia, I have inevitably been exposed to various offshoots such as Grid, Transportation Manager, the Geomedia-Hansen Interface, and AFM.  From a technical perspective, what makes Geomedia exceptional are twofold:  1. The concept of pipe technology – dynamic queries upon queries, and 2. functional attributes.   In my opinion, no other GIS software has anything that touches it.

Partly as a result of the Geomedia approach to GIS, I have also become very fluent in relational database, and spatial sql language.  I have tons of experience with Oracle Spatial and Postgis, and I am now ramping up my fluency with the new Sql Server geometric (and geographic) data type.  Other interests are FME, open source GIS, particularly geoserver, qgis, udig.  Lastly, I have been forced to ramp up in ESRI technologies (mostly desktop and the former SDE stuff) to keep myself employable, so I am able to talk that talk as well.  Hopefully, I am a well-rounded GIS practicioner.

Bottom line is that I am here to help, both in terms of providing answers and in facilitating conversation among the Geomedia community.  Please dont be shy about contacting me through this forum.


2 Responses to “Adam’s Self Introduction”

  1. Jorge Antunes said

    Being a Geographer, Geomedia user and opensource GIS ‘enthusiast’ I’m looking forward for your contributs 🙂

  2. AndyW said

    Glad to see more GeoMedia practitioners coming out of the woodwork. I have been using Intergraph products since 1994 going back to the MGE / RIS days to the current version of GeoMedia. I look forward to lively discussions and sharing of information.


    Andrew Wagner, GISP
    GIS Coordinator
    City of Maryland Heights

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