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Next GeoMedia Minor Release 6.1.6 Available for Download

Posted by jeffhobbs on October 7, 2009

Sorry, a bit late on the update. Intergraph released GeoMedia Minor Release 6.1.6 in the middle of last month. I posted it on the GeoMedia Wiki, but didn’t get a chance to post it on the blog. On a side note, if you subscribe to the GeoMedia Wiki “Product Announcements and Software Updates” page on the wiki, you’ll receive an email whenever that page is updated. So when a product announcement is posted e.g. the release of a minor release, you should receive notification via email.


3 Responses to “Next GeoMedia Minor Release 6.1.6 Available for Download”

  1. Trevor said

    I didn’t see any “must have” features in this minor release. I think I’m going to skip this one…

  2. GIS said

    Trevor is right, minor releases are usually do not have any major features included within the product…hence the name. Altogether it is still beneficial to take a look at least on the product review, who knows you might come across with something interesting.

    BTW, I haven’t come across with Jeff’s GIS site so far yet it looks very promising and up-to-date. Needless to say it is already in my Google reader…Thank you for the site Jeff!

    • Jeff Hobbs said

      @GIS. Glad to hear you subscribed! Sorry the updates are few and far between!

      Keep in mind, some minor releases have quote a few new features in them and also bug fixes. So you’re right, definitely evaluate and review the readme files. But do keep in mind, INGR usually packs at least SOME new functionality into each minor release.

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