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Intergraph Launches Security, Government & Infrastructure User Forum

Posted by jeffhobbs on November 12, 2009

From an email I received yesterday

Intergraph is pleased to announce the availability of the new Security, Government & Infrastructure User Forum website.  We encourage you to utilize the forum website as a means of exchanging information with your peers.

Access to the Security, Government & Infrastructure User Forum website is available from any of the product support web pages or via the direct link below:

Login: Same as your Siebel username and password.

Instructions for using the forum are available from the “Help & Guidelines” link on the User Forum page. Likewise, if you have any questions or feedback regarding the forums please send an email via the “Contact Us” tab.

Thank you,
The Intergraph® Customer Support Team

I’ve checked this out a few times, but haven’t had a chance to dig in much. Looks promising and it’s definitely a good sign from Intergraph.


5 Responses to “Intergraph Launches Security, Government & Infrastructure User Forum”

  1. Chris Pedrezuela said

    Hi Jeff,

    Is this for everyone or for just “registered” customers. Tech support so far from Intergraph is very tight unlike other software packages.

    Also are there any news about new GeoMedia release after 6.1? We have a license maintenance contract with a partner of Intergraph and for this year we didnt receive any updates for any Intergraph software.


    • Jeff Hobbs said

      Chris – you can access the site from GM’s help without a problem. If you go in through the public URL, you’ll need to login.

      I haven’t heard of anything after GM 6.1 at this point.

      To get updates, you must request them from Intergrpah. It’s very easy to do, just call the support number and request the software. However Intergraph does not automatically send you out updates. Haven’t for a number of years now.

  2. John said

    Hi everyone!! Please check this one,
    Its really good.

    Comment by Jeff Hobbs: This is a true GIS blog, so I’ll let this comment slide. But this is hardly the right place to put this….

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