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"A picture is only worth a thousand words. A map may be worth a thousand numbers. But a GIS is worth a thousand tables."

About Me

My name is Jeff Hobbs. I’m currently the GIS Coordinator for San Jose Water Company. Before San Jose Water, I worked for Intergraph Corporation and the City of San Jose in the Public Works Department. I have a bachelor’s degree in Geography from San Jose State University with minors in Environmental Studies and Humanities.

I’m married and have four dogs and two cats. My wife and I are co-owners of A Taste of Elegance Fine Catering in Pacific Grove, CA. Finally, I’m also the president (some would say for life) of the Northern California Intergraph Geospatial User’s Community (NCIGUC) and the 2009 – 2010 president of the Bay Area Automated Mapping Association (BAAMA).

When I’m not commuting my three hours a day to my home in Gonzales, CA, I’m playing golf, spending the day with my wife, SCUBA diving (although it’s been a long time), or maybe even watching professional wrestling.

Why am I here??? It’s been my experience that the Intergraph geospatial user’s community is somewhat “lacking” (to be kind). The blog will be based primarily on Intergraph technology, however I do plan on adding random thoughts and ideas as I see fit…. I tend to listen to a lot of podcasts during my commute. So don’t be surprised to find a random post on something I’ve heard on a recent podcast or two.

My blog postings tend to be sporadic, but I do tend to update my Twitter feed fairly routinely. So I’d encourage to all to follow me on Twitter. However if Twitter isn’t your thing, you can also follow me on LinkedIn.

Last but not least, please note that this blog is not affiliated in any way with San Jose Water Company, Intergraph Corporation, or the City of San Jose.

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