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Bugs We’ve Found

Have been talking to a few people about creating a centralized place to place general comments about bugs and other GeoMedia issues. I guess this is as good a place as any…so post away!

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  2. Todd Blair said

    Here’s an issue we’ve been struggling with forever: in GeoMedia and GeoMedia Pro ( on XP we intermittently see odd behavior in the Layout window. Obects don’t move or they move slowly, they disappear, and there is just a lot of unexpected behavior. A check of system resources shows no unusual consumption of CPU or memory. Other workspaces using the same database connections don’t have similar problems and the problems are not apparent in the map window which seems to rule out network latency.

    I’m just wondering if others have seen similar problems and looking for ideas of other things to check.


  3. Jeff Hobbs said

    I notice what I think is the same thing on occassion – especially with text. It seems like some text objects become “corrupted”. They appear in the layout window but they can’t be selected or if they can be selected, although they appear in one place, it seems like they’re actually “virtually” in another place.

    To get around this issue in the past, I attempt to delete the text, do a “Save As” (to hopefully compress or clean-out the corruption), and then close GM. I also make sure it’s not running in the background (even after it’s been closed) using the task manager.

    After all of that, I typically reopen the workspace, place new text in the layout window, and move on. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too much.

    Have you experienced this? Is this like what you’re describing?

    In the end, I think it’s just corruption with the .gws.


  4. Alan Rich said

    Has anyone ever received a Catastrophic Failure when trying to add a legend entry in GeoMedia? One of my users is getting this message on a new workstation with a freshly loaded copy of GeoMedia Pro. I would appreciate any suggestions. The actual error message states: “PProService Automation Error Catastrophic Failure”. Thanks.

  5. Jeff Hobbs said

    Vicky Gallardo from the City of San Jose pointed out an interesting bug today. Apparently when using the GeoMedia Metadata Catalog Editor (formerly known as SMMS), it’s not working with the Oracle ODBC driver version against an Oracle-based metadata catalog. Apparently this is available on the Oracle web site. However the version that comes on the Oracle Client 10g CD works fine. FYI – The version on the Oracle Client CD is

  6. Patrick said

    Our GIS team has experienced a multitude of the Geomedia Pro programming bug errors. Some days, over 50% of our production time is spent overcomming the prgrams inherent code defects. The program is less trouble prone now than version 5, or early version 6, but some longstanding issues still haunt us.

    We have been through a variety of various new powerful workstaions and OS over the years – makes no diff.

    Here are a FEW of the problems we face using GeoMedia Professional over the years.

    Thematic Ranges Functionality (version 6+)

    – Prior version 5 thematics are now “broken”.
    – Re-creating the thematic results in Legend that no longer reflects logical range values.
    – Thematic Range entry is no longer logical or intuitive.
    – Long_Integer attributes values are now overlooked.

    Layout Window Problems (all versions)

    Various Layout Window\Graphic Legend problems:
    – “Convert Legend to Graphics” alters symbology
    – Layout windows become unstable after several minutes.
    – Graphical Objects rescaled or moved may rescale far-outside the scale box
    – Graphical Objects rescaled or moved may disappear and won’t reappear until “fit”.
    – Graphical Objects become non-selectable
    – Copy and Paste functions perform poorly
    – Occasional application error messages when attempting to copy (Cntl-C) object in layout window.

    Layout window has been troublesome along these lines since 2001 (version 5.0), but seems to have worsened in GMPV6. Been thru two new high-end workstations since GMPV5. Computer makes no difference. Currently running Win XP SP2, but problems also occurred with Win NT4. Problems duplicate-able on other workstations in dept.
    * Problems NOT specific to a particular computer, user, file, program version, display driver, or Windows version.
    * Problems have existed since GeoMedia 5.0. Still has not been fixed.

    Memory Problems (all versions)
    – Description: Despite having completely closed-out of GeoMedia Professional, “Geomedia.exe” often remains listed (active) in the Windows Task Manager Processes tab. This interferes with Windows log-out and also holds onto system RAM.
    * Problems NOT specific to a particular computer, user, file, program version, display driver, or Windows version.
    * Problem has existed since GeoMedia 5.0. Still has not been fixed.

    Buttons & Toolbars (all versions)

    – Toolbars and Buttons randomly jump around, disappear, move, change, resize, etc…
    – Something called “Ribbon Bar” (?) randomly appears and resizes, and will not go away. Sometimes stays on screen even after program is closed.
    * Problems NOT specific to a particular computer, user, file, program version, display driver, or Windows version.
    * Problems have existed since GeoMedia 5.0. Still has not been fixed.

    We have reported all of these issues over the years and are still hoping that oneday Intergraph will hire Microsoft and\or Google to gut GeoMedia’s old code and correct these issues.

    – –

  7. Trevor said

    I have seen a LOT of the problems that Patrick has detailed. The problems are unfortunately untraceable to one trigger event, so of course Intergraph cannot assist with troubleshooting. The most frustrating for me are the Layout window issues and Buttons & Toolbar issues. We experience so many problems that rebuilding a GeoWorkspace from scratch has become a routine endeavor….

  8. HI

    I have some very kind problem on some of our workstations.
    We use geomedia Pro 6.0 on a Citrix Server. On some workstation we can’t use the color-palette when we want to change the color of the text or the lines in the layout-window. If we click on the button, the color-palette is opening, but closes itself imedeately, so we can’t choose the color.
    I knwo we can do this over charcteristics, but it’s very anoying.
    On the workstations we have XP professionals Service 2 with all updates. On some workstations it works correctly.
    I have testet: it does not depend of the user. If I change to a computer which is working, I also can work with my login.

    Has anyone a solution?

    Christopher Wyss

  9. I have found a solution for my problem with the color palette. A Citrix problem.
    Charge and install a new Client

  10. Nurhanna said

    Hello everyone..

    Can anyone tell me why the WebMap Publisher Administrator fail to load in Geomedia Pro v6?..I’d register the webmap pub admin at the “Register Administrator at Geomedia”..i also had un install webpub and install it back,and also had applied the latest hotfixes #9..but the weird things is when I install geomedia ver6.00, the webmap publisher administrator tool works well.Is there’s any hotfixes for geomedia pro version 6? Thanks in advance!

  11. Jeff Hobbs said

    Yes, there are many hotfixes for GM Pro. You need to check the Intergraph web site. The rule of thumb is that Intergraph releases a hotfix for both GM Pro and GM Standard. It’s not always the case, but it’s worth assuming that you’ll have a GM Pro hotfix when you have a GM Std hotfix.

  12. Peter K. Owen said

    Hey guys – I just thought I’d share something on Webmap. I’ve been using it a lot lately. Jeff did I miss it or maybe you could set up a webmap specific area?

    So in case anyone is wondering, webmap (definitely webmap pub) does NOT support spatial queries. I.e., if you set up a spatial query using the query tool in webmap pub, it won’t work. So something simple like:

    “select zone_desc_id from gis_admin.planning_zones_active a, gis_admin.active_parcels_apn b
    where b.APN = ‘033102140’ and sdo_anyinteract (a.GEOMETRY, b.GEOMETRY) = ‘TRUE’;”

    Works in sqlplus but fails if you do something similar in the query window in webmap pub. I filed a ticket with INGR and specifically the response was it’s not supported due to the use of ODBC connection.

    Maybe you all knew this….oh, well, anyway! I’m trying to find a way to get ‘map characteristics’ as a query or click result in webmap. (That’s right, kind of like what we wanted to do for IDTSMaps in San Jose…but in webmap).

  13. Jeff Hobbs said


    Glad to see you’re reading the site. It’s all one site – so no special place for GMWM. I’ve gotten Oracle-based spatial queries to work through WebPub. I haven’t tried it in 6.0, but was working fine before that. In fact I have a intersection query working in a webpub environment at CSJ. You might want to talk to Harsh and see if he can give you any hints. I’m not running a WebPub site right now, so I’m not going to be of much use on the topic until later this year when I get my site finalized…


  14. Gianella said

    Hi!!, congratulations, you blog is very interesting, especially for people that work with geomedia, one question, do you have something about Movile Viewer????, i want to work with this soft and i want some tutorials about it.

  15. Jeff Hobbs said


    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you find it to be a good resource!

    Mobile Viewer? Do you mean GeoMedia Viewer? If not, are you talking about the G/Technology software? If you’re talking about G/Tech, I can do some research, but no, I don’t use the software personally so I wouldn’t have any training material.

    Let me know.


  16. Marshall said

    Does GeoMedia 6.1 uses multi-link fusion to resolve a specific distance range threshold for definite and possible matches when conflating features.

  17. Jeff Hobbs said


    I think I understand your question. GeoMedia 6.1, no. GeoMedia Fusion 5.2, 6.0, or 6.1, yes.

  18. I am having a strange problem with Webmap Pro/Webpub. I am teaching a Webmapping class this semester. (See I have about 30 students who are attempting to use Webpub to create webpub map sites. Each student has his own webpub folder and metadb. However, a number of them are getting permission denied errors when attempting to connect to the Webpub application through Geomedia. Error seems to be coming from WPAdministrator. Some of the messages have “Test 10” added to them. Has anyone seen this behavior?

    I know this is an odd request since not many managers have so many users attempting to use Webpub all at once on different metadb databases. Each users is connecting to his own Access warehouse for data.

  19. Jeff Hobbs said


    Is the error at the metadb side or at the application side? In other words, in the admin, when you connect to the site, which option (webpub site or metadb location) is giving you issues?

    Are you running on Windows 2003 server?

    Thinking it might be a IIS issue??? Maybe too many Access connections at the metadb level.

    I’m assuming you have Oracle or SQL Server running. Perhaps you could create 30 schemas in Oracle as opposed to 30 Access metadbs. That might be a simpler way to go. You should be able to get it up and running even with Oracle XE in a matter of a few hours…probably a lot faster if you could reverse engineer the schema and get scripts for the tables created.

    Give me a call at 408.279.7833 if you want to discuss this further.

    Hope this helps.


  20. Jeff,
    The error occurs on the client when the user tries to connect to the application. The administrator form in Geomedia allows the user to enter the folder and metadb, but when the user clicks okay, the error appears. Stranger still is that the administrator continues to function and allows the user to add themes, add maps, update legends, etc. except when the user clicks okay, there is an error message about unable to process updates.

    I have 30 metadbs. Each student has his own metadb. This problem could be some kind of limit on the number of Access connections, but the only limit I have seen on the web is the number of connections to a single Access database.

    I am running with Windows Server 2003, IIS, and Webmap/Webpub with the latest hotfix.

  21. Grey... said

    one question regarding functional attribute and area. Why is a difference in area in general tab properties of object and in functional attribute created from input geometry? Is there some logical explanation, or is it a bug?

  22. Jeff Hobbs said


    They are one in the same. The area functional attribute is there because you can do a lot more with it. For instance, you can nest the area in another function, perform math on the function, put the area into an attribute of the feature, etc. The functional is designed for an entire feature class or query. The Area tab is designed just for one feature in a feature class.

    If you’re getting different results, you’re most likely not using the area function completely correctly. You need to make sure to format the area in the correct units…that’s most likely your issue.


  23. Grey said

    Can U gave me example how to correct use functional attribute for area?

  24. Jeff Hobbs said


    Sure. AREA(Input.Geometry, ProjectedMeas, SquareMile)

    I built this against the USSample data set – against the states feature class.

    If I set the View > Geoworkspace Coordinate System to Square Miles and then compare to my functional attribute result, they are the same.

    You can play with the units by looking at the Constants Category in the functional attributes dialog.

  25. Sergey said

    I have problem with PositionalTolerance in C#.
    I need change it, but next code:
    using AdvGeoMathSvc = Intergraph.GeoMedia.AdvGeoMathSvc;

    AdvGeoMathSvc.AdvGeoMathService oAdvGMathSvc = new AdvGeoMathSvc.AdvGeoMathService();
    oAdvGMathSvc.PositionalTolerance = 0.2;
    not changed value.
    How to do it?

  26. Daniel Zimmerman said

    I have several large GeoMedia 6.0 workspace templates that I have made and use on a regular basis. I have on several occasions tried to update these by removing large sets of queries and legends. After updating I have noticed that these workspace templates did not seem to load any faster and their file sizes would not reduce as much as I thought they should. I thought this was odd so one day I took one of my larger templates that was about 7MB in size and just deleted everything from it and saved the file. This new totally blank workspace file size was about 3MB, which is still very large, and the loading speed was not much better. So I then tried this on all my templates and had the same problems. Now I no-longer update these templates due amount of memory usage they require, so if I have to update I basically have to make a new template. It would be great if knew where this excess information is being stored and how can I get these particular workspace templates to stop processing it? Is this thing something that I am doing when I am making these templates, if so how can I avoid it?

  27. Jeff Hobbs said


    Have you tried a “Save As” as opposed to a save. This should work better for you.


  28. marta said

    When I use Insert Area Feature command with the option point by point + Continue Geometry, in order to insert holes inside the main polygon, GeoMedia automatically checks the position of the holes. I can’t insert any hole overlapping the lines of the main polygon.
    However, if I do the same using a different option, (i.e. place by rectangle, etc.) GeoMedia doesn’t check whether the lines of the polygons overlap each other. Therefore, I can introduce holes overlapping any other line.

  29. Jeff Hobbs said


    That sounds like a bug. Have you filed that with Intergraph?


  30. marta said

    actually no, but I want do it.

    Thank you

  31. marta said

    sorry Jeff
    wich Intergraph’s e-mail address can be send the bug?
    thank you

  32. Jeff Hobbs said


    It’s not an email address. Not sure what country you’re in. You’d need to go to, go to your country. You can either call the number of file it online (at least in the US).

  33. Catherine Lee said

    Dear Jeff,

    Is there required any special license or special configuration for Geomedia Pro 6.0 to be installed on a Citrix Server?

    Thanks & Regards,

  34. Ed Craig said

    How do I import/open a G/Tech workspace in GeoMedia Pro? Intergraph sales personal say this is possible. Please help.

  35. Jeff Hobbs said


    I don’t think you can open the actual workspace. What you can do is connect to the data. I believe you need to either use a SmartStore connection in 6.0 or I think there may even be a G/Tech data server in 6.1. However I’m almost positive you can NOT open a G/Tech workspace.

  36. Strasha said

    I try to make a program using Geomedia and vb 2005
    I want to store a geometric object (type linegeometry) in a database via geometrystorageservice.geometrytostorage and there is an error.
    VB say impossible to store igmgeometry.
    I don’t understand cause i use the code i found in the geomedia documentation and it still don’t work.
    I think there is a problem of compatibility between geomedia and visual studio or i don’t use the good method.
    Try it and tell me what’s really wrong with this.
    See you next way

  37. marta said

    I’ll describe an incorrect behavior with Update Attributes.
    target: Update Attributes
    pre-requirement: a feature with a field attribute’s pick list

    > Update Attributes
    > Select the feature or the Select Set to update
    > choose the field to update
    > choose the value from a Pick List
    > click Apply
    it’s appear an Alert Message that said:
    There are no valid value(s)/expression(s) defined.

    Instead, Select Set Properties allowed you to do it. But in this case you can update one record per time.
    I hope to have explained clearly.
    Thanks, Marta

  38. Jeff Hobbs said

    Marta – has this been reported to Intergraph? Sounds like this is a bug that should be filed with them.


  39. M76 said


    I have a problem with programming geomedia. If I try to use the mergepipe object I always get an error when I try to access the output recordset saying its unable to populate some fields. Is this a known bug? And if it is, was it fixed since version which I’m currently using? I’ve tried the same code with geomedia 5.2 and it works without problems.

  40. Shel said


    So am I the only one that hates GM v6.1 after finally moving off v5.2? I am having no end of trouble with ouputs from Batch Plotting (among other things). Since moving to v6.1 my batches (being output to JPGs) are coming out 80% correct with an average of 20% coming out black instead of the having the background image. I have tried splitting the batches up but still encounter the same problem.

    Latest problem I have is when I paste an excel spreadsheet into my layout template – export it – and then try to include it in my batch. The output always pushes the table to the back (behind the map) making it not visible. NEVER had this particular issue with v5.2. I have done some testing to see if there was something random causing the problem but it happens every time.

    Please, has anyone else encountered these type of problems?

    The service from Intergraph for these bugs is sub-standard and we still havent managed to track down a number within Australia that we can call to log the problem to be fixed.

    Advice anyone?

    • Adrian said

      Hi Shel, just browsing through the blog looking for a solution to a problem of my own, and saw your issues. My NZ workplace had issues with batchplotting since upgrading from 6.0 to 6.1. The later version was really rough on batchplot users, and we had other issues in GM Pro too because of that version. Must say Im looking forward to 6.2 when it comes out. Gutting that Aussie Intergraph didnt come back to you – I found they quickly came up with a solution to a real douzy we had once.

      Anyway, we found we had the same problems with some maps being totally black, or tables/legends in the background. Couple of ways to combat these issues:

      – in GM Pro, create the map layout carefully and then while selecting the map elements as a group, output the layout window to a template, and save. I have found that accidently selecting say only the scale or map or north arrow, that the template won’t work well in batchplotting (e.g only the map is filled, scale is empty etc).
      – Try and make sure that as many map elements are outside of the map area as possible. Sometimes its not I’ll admit.
      – As for the black maps, if you can use feature classes as the batchplot frames, that is a start. The issue I find tends to occur most frequently when there are too many frames for GM to deal with, or too much data (esp aerial imagery amongst the map frames). What I do in these cases is I add a new field to the feature class, say Select_Frame, as text with 1 character. If any issues come up with the maps, I find the frame, and add a ‘Y’ to the field, and create an Attribute Query selecting only those that are marked Y, or whatever. Its quite possible to create attribute queries that select only a narrow range of values where you can only use query-derived area features. The main thing is to restrict how many map frames are produced in a processing session – break the task down a bit, and if there are only a couple of maps that turned out bad, redo them using the batchplot utility and the same technique just for those faulty maps.

      Hope this helps.



  41. jeffhobbs said


    I’m still on 6.0 but have been lead to believe that 6.1 really went through a lot of QA checking. Any chance these are Intergraph’s fixes to previous bugs? In other words, were you using workarounds in 5.2 that are now fixed with 6.1? I’ve been running batch plotting with 6.1 for quite some time…no problems for me. My output is postscript (for PDF generation). But no issues here.

    As far as support, you might want to contact Russ Booth and see if he can help you. Feel free to email me and I can send you his email address. I don’t want to post it here as my blog gets a ton of spam hits. I’m not sure of Russ’ title, but he’s in support and I’m sure could help point you in the right direction.


  42. Giulio said

    geomedia and output PDF:

    in GM v6 from layout print a sheet on the PDFCreator printer: the output file (pdf) created is about 577Kb.
    in GM 6.1 the same sheet the file pdf is about 52Mb !!!!

    disaster !!!!!!!

    another problem on GM 6 and 6.1 and pdf:

    sometime the pdf created from GM trought PDFCreator or Acrobat 7 is not read from acrobat reader (a error on drawing).
    if read this pdf file with Foxit reader is ok.

    the problem is the syle apply in boundary “vincoli”: is a simply line style “medium dash”
    if i change in solid line then pdf is ok

    • jeffhobbs said

      @Giulio – can you provide more information? It works fine with 6.1.

      • ACC said

        I had a similar issue and changed all the dashed lines to solid lines at which point I could print the PDF. I have raised the issue with Intergraph and will post any updates.

  43. ACC said

    When printing from a layout window, my the text associated with my scale bars shrinks to the point where it is nearly unreadable. This is dispite the fact that the font was set to be 8pt, Bold Arial.

    Has anyone encountered this and found a solution. Oddly enough, there is no mention of this on the Intergraph support site.

    Thanks in advance.


  44. Phil Hughes said


    Yes, I have also found it and Huntsville have been notified and a defect report 1-4QZTDY has been created


    Phil H

  45. Vinod Kumar said

    I Vinod Kumar, a Geomedia user, wish to know the workflow for creating .gsd(GeoMedia Style Definition in GeoMedia 6.1

    • jeffhobbs said

      Not sure I follow the question. As the post states, you don’t have GSD files with 6.1. You instead use “named styles”. Those can be easily created in the map window. Just double-click on the legend entry, and that will bring up the style properties. In the style properties, just name your style. That easy.

      Those styles can then be transferred to a library and then used in other GWS.

  46. Vinod Kumar said

    Creating visibility fan in GeoMedia Terrain 5.2 was very useful but this one is eliminated in GeoMedia Terrain 6.0/6.1 but i think this functionalilty must be re-introduced in next version.

    Secondly, flythrough in Terra Explorer moves with jerk and take time in refreshing(streaming) even computer is highly configured and have NVDIA graphic card. Please suggest the solution for the same.

  47. mukesh said

    mukesh said
    July 14, 2009 at 10:49 pm
    I wants to create some slope polygons as my Area of responsibility (approx 600*600 km total area ) with using of software geomedia 6.1 & geomedia terrain 6.1 .input data I am using 30 meters elevation data in .dt2 format when I am doing this I am facing the following problem :-
    needed to open the slpoe polygons of approx. 86- 50K Scale maps.
    The slope polygon created was not able to open in the geoworkspace, shows the error Geomedia.exe encountered the problem.
    Solution tried by me:
    a. Connected the feature class one by one in the legend entry, Eight 50K maps were connected to the geoworkspace, but after adding the legends of ninth map the Geomedia aborted.
    There were more than 15 lacks feature in the mdb of 16 maps, the feature class created were of slopes with categories 0 to 20, 20 to 25, 25 to 30, 30 to 35, 35 to 40, 40 to 45, 45 to 50 and 50 to 90 degrees
    b. Than I converted the mdb of slope polygons to the .ddc format and connected it to the geoworkspace, than also same problem occurred .
    Note :- After slope polygons my mdb size is 1.9 gb to 2 gb

  48. Dennis said

    Since our last hot fix, there are often times when our cursors change from an arrow to a hand.
    Also, when we place text while in the layout window, the text will be a yellow color, if the aerials are turned on. No matter what we do, we can’t change the color from yellow.

  49. marta said

    this isn’t a bug, it is only a help request.
    how can I export legend entries to dwg/dgn keeping styles definition?
    Looking around I have founded acad.lin but it doesn’t take care of patterns and it seems rough. Second option consists to transform pdf file in dwg but so doing the georeferenced information was lost. Any other idea?
    Thank you, marta

    • jeffhobbs said

      You have the ability to reference database columns when defining export symbology. I’ve never tried to do this, but it seems logical that you could write at least some of the symbology out to attributes and then use the attributes to symbolize the DGN/CAD file. However I’m not sure that would work for hatching unless you could somehow reference the hatching with a number e.g. 23 and that number were understood by the CAD.

      Does this help at all?

  50. Andre said


    Problems while publishing a GWS made in GM 6.1.6 to a web application of Webmap 6.1.5, using the Publisher. The tooltips setted in the GWS don´t appear in the application. The action (highlight and showatt) is OK.

    Thanks in advance.

    • jeffhobbs said

      Have you filed a worksheet on this with Intergraph? I have even looked at the lastest updates for WebMap, but make sure all are as current as possible. Mixing version can cause problems.

      I’ve run into a similar problems just working with tooltips in the desktop products. I’ll create tooltips in GM Pro and save the GWS. I’ll then open in GM Viewer and the tooltips don’t work. I’ve filed this as a bug with INGR. I’m not sure if it has been corrected to date.

  51. Natalie Lyons said

    Hi Jeff,

    I have been having problems with Geomedia for some time now, and after having my computer reimaged as a last result, have just found your forum. I now suspect it is not a problem with the computer at all!

    The problems I have experienced are in line with posts from July 13 2007 to December 20 2007.
    Such problems include Geomedia shutting down unexpectedly and layout window issues as discribed by Patrick (20/12/2007).

    After reimaging the computer they decided to put Geomedia 6.1 on my computer instead of 6.0 (which is what I was using when having all these problems). I have not used Geomedia 6.1 enough to know yet whether I am still having the same problems as before (though it has unexpectedly shut down on me again), however am now experiencing a couple of different problems (not sure if they’re related) and hoping you can assist.

    * I have opened a geoworkspace that I had been working on in 6.0 and the legend in the layout window is acting very odd. The text and legend keys are not actually contained within the legend box. Where ever I place the legend, the way it is placed and how it looks on screen is not how it looks when writing to pdf. I think the legend keys ARE actually contained with the box (as this seems to be how it looks when writing to pdf) but because it is showing the keys outside of the box, it is very difficult to accurately place the legend on the map layout. It’s difficult to explain so if you need further explanation or screen shots let me know.

    * When writing the file to pdf, I have the same problem as posted by Giulio on June 8 2009. For example, when creating my map layout, the scale bar is placed nicely over a white box on the map, and the text and scale bar is viewable. However once I print it to pdf, the scale bar moves around(still within the white box that i have inserted) but the text is so small it’s almost not even there! I have tried playing with scale properties (paper & view) but it makes no difference.

    So I guess my questions for you are –

    1) Have you heard of any fixes or reasons for the layout window issues described by Patrick in Dec 07?
    2) Are you able to assist me with the new issues at the asterixes above?

    Please help! I’m getting very frustrated!

    Many thanks


    • Jeff Hobbs said


      I haven’t noticed either issue. It sounds like something may have gone awry in your upgrade from 6.0 to 6.1.

      Are you able to replicate these issues on a new GWS created with 6.1?

      You might want to try to do a File > Save As and see if that by chance fixes your issue.

      On a side note, I often times run into problems where my legend in the layout window gets screwed up. When this happens (and it’s fairly often) I have to recreate the legend. I’m guessing it’s tied to the fact that I often times rename the legend entries in the legend. However this is just a guess. But I haven’t noticed other issues with the legend.

      • Natalie Lyons said

        Hi Jeff,

        Thanks for the reply. I have managed to figure out a few things since my post.

        In regards to the issue with the general slowness and layout problems, this seems to not have replicated in 6.1 and I have been using it mostly with ease.

        The legend and scale bar issues still continue, however I have identified a work around. The problem lies in printing from the layout to .pdf therefore I have been exporting the layout to .jpeg first then print to .pdf. This eliminates the problem with the scale bar font and legend issues.

        After some investigation, I found that the legend/scale bar issue is known to Intergraph and they were going to release a hotfix though i’m not sure when. Also I found that we downloaded the wrong hotfix (not the latest one) for 6.1 on my machine, therefore am waiting for the latest to be downloaded today. Hopefully this will fix the problem, but if not I still have the work around.

        Thanks for your help.


  52. Silvio Causetti said

    Hi Jeff,
    our main warehouse for Gomedia is an Oracle database containing data for printed World Atlas products. Our maps are mainly obtained making use of Oracle views based on the feature classes of the unique master database in a way that updates on the master are automatically propagated to the products.
    We are making use of several Oracle schema and it would be useful, in a .gws, having the capability to change just the Oracle Connection, switcing from a user (schema) name to another one. This will allow us to avoid all the redefinition for the legend entries, queries and styles.
    I have never found a tool doing this. The workaround is: save the all legends, queries and connection into a library, close it; open it with MS Access, changing in the table CONNECTION the column LOCATION (with the new schema); Create a new geoworkspace, attach the library and copy the elements to the new gws, replace the legend.
    Obviously this workaround is highly intercative and time consuming.
    Do you have any other idea?

    Thanks, Silvio.

  53. manoj said

    i am using geomedia viewer 6.0 and not able to take print out of scale 1:500 on a3 much blank space is on the Paper and is wasted.please suggest how to resolve this issue.

    Manoj t.

  54. manoj said

    is there any printing facility is available in new versions of geomedia viewer.

    Manoj T

  55. Bob Akers said

    We are using Geomedia and Orthopro. We get error messages (cannot open anymore tables DAO error 3014) when trying to run large projects (1200 photos). Geomedia will load a portion of the images say 300. Any idea how to get around this. Intergraph says to open another ortho project and import the orthos into that project.

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